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My name is Sgt Scott Miller Weinberg . I was born on the 29 of Octorber **** at Baptist Hospital of Miami. I started A & A Children start 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools. I was very playful at school and it affected my academic works. I joined the Military academy at the age of 16. .. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field of the army and later worked with the UN. I fought in the Gulf war in **** to ****. The gulf war was fought to liberate Kuwait from autocratic rule of the late Saddam ,I had a pretty bad experience. I am an E-9 Major Sergeant (MSG) and now working with the UN. I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military..As you already know, I am currently stationed in Kabul , the capital of Afghanistan I have to let you know that I am on my second mission to Afghanistan. My first mission to Iraq was in ****. My mission ended in ****. Went back to the States, I found out that my ex betrayed cheating on me She cost me a lost. She misused my properties so I paid her off. I was in love with her with all my heart but she let me down. I was with her for 30 years. : I am now looking for the one whisk to my heart,a woman who will love me for me and not for what i have..i am looking for true love to spend the rest of my life with. : Hope things will change from one stage to another.I like you and you are very beautiful as well.I will be home in .Am actually relocating because it hurts whenever i come home,it reminds me of my past.. I dont use to communicate with outsiders because of security reasons but I need a woman for myself as am retiring from the army to settle down.. A woman that will be there for me and I will be there for her too. There is a smile of love, and there is a smile of Deceit, and there is a smile of smiles, in which these two smile meet, a smile is ever the most bright and beautiful with a tear upon it.Am very intelligent, tender, Loving, romantic, passionate, caring, calm, responsible, kind, sincere, honest about all else, loyal, devoted, faithful and understanding to mention a few. I like fishing, cooking, outdoors, music, movies riding bikes, parks, dinning out, sporting events, hiking and swimming. I'm looking for a wonderful woman that have all kinds of great qualities to explore. Am looking for a serious woman to love and to spend the rest of my life with, am actually new this online thing. Meanwhile you are the first woman i have met and i hope we can get to know each other better and see where this leads us to. I seek for truthfulness, loving, caring, affectionate, good listener, understanding and most importantly HONEST. I have very serious intentions and hope to find someone to spend the rest of my life with... Do you think you are or could be that person?...I'M not perfect and it is too stressful to try be so I don't want to try to be perfect but I am not looking for anybody who is perfect either. We all have faults - even those who won't admit it. I believe if you devote your time and effort to working on a relationship, take the time to work out your differences and problems then the results and rewards will be well worth the effort. In order to get to know someone you have to spend time with them communicating, having conversations and knowing the difference in communication and conversation. Listening and talking are important but actions, not words, define the person and who they really are. I am an open book and you can ask me anything, I will tell you but be sure you want to know because you might not like the answer but you can be sure that it will be an honest answer. I think everybody is entitled to their opinion and right to express it if the sole purpose isn't to intentionally cause pain or harm. I will listen -I may not agree- but I will listen and I will respect your opinion and respect your right to express it. Life would be pretty boring if we all thought the same but it might make it a lot easier. I hope to find that special person who makes my life a little happier, makes me smile a little more and makes the world a brighter place just because we are together. I hope to find someone to love, respect and spend time with who will love and respect me in return. I am happy and content with my life and with me. I know where I have been, where I am and where I am going. I'm looking for somebody to laugh with me and hold hands. I believe that happiness is by choice and not by chance. I would like someone to share happiness and joy with. I wish to bring to your notice that am very serious and not here to play games, i hope you are not here for games either. I will like to know more about yourself

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