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I'm not really good at self-promotion but here it goes anyways LOL. My name is Katie, I'm a very easy going person, very down to earth and always enjoys a good laugh. I'm a self-made woman; kind, caring, empathetic and knows what I want in life. I'm an artist and fancy the beautiful things in life. I adore and appreciate the ambiance of nature so much and the good vibes that it brings to me. I savor the company of good people - those who are laid back like myself, especially humorous. I find dark humor interesting and cool, but satire is often nasty and difficult to pull off. My friend is good at it. I sometimes like to crack a joke and barge into my brother's room early in the morning while he was still asleep and greet him good morning hehe. He thought that was sweet, but a bit annoying. I grew up very close with my siblings and we always have fun moments together. I'm an ambivert, means that I can be both extrovert and introvert. I enjoy the outdoors and I love to travel and be adventurous in every place that I go to.

I have plenty of hobbies to get myself busy and to keep me occupied depends on the mood I will have for that certain day of course.

I like swimming, surfing, computer, reading, writing, drawing, painting gardening, cooking, music and arts, and so on. I actually have a wide range of skills. I'm like " the Jill of All Trades," the female counterpart of Jack :) I'm also very inquisitive and always want to learn new things because for me, it's never-ending! I'm interested in history, science and technology, philosophy, esotericism, mystycism, economics, politics, metaphysics, psychology, astronomy, geography, etc.

I yeahbsolutely and often like to encourage intellectual conversations because this helps to stimulate my brain neurons; to keep my mind sharp! I am a fan of word puns and I do it for the pun of it! I'm straightforward, though in a good way. I'm a hopeless romantic, yet spunky and courageous *winks*

Now this is important, because I definitely dislike dishonest people. So if you are someone who is pretentious, don't bother to impress me and make some false stories because I will find out about that soon enough. So please please, do not waste my time. I'm on here to look for a sensible chat with anyone who's genuine to befriend with at first and then maybe more, who knows... Well, I guess that's all for now and if you have any questions just feel free to ask! My life is an open book and we can talk anything under the sun :)

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5' 4" 
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Arts, Community service, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Dancing, Family, Gardening, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Movies, Playing sports, Playing music, Reading, Religion, Travel 
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Friendly, Clever / Quick witted, Other 
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skyg10 posted on bluevaylet's wall:

Hi Katie. You sound like a great person to talk with. If you have the time, I'd love to open a conversation with you sometime

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Felix-Daniel posted on bluevaylet's wall:

hey...That's enthralling
will love to knw you more

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Cocktail007 posted on bluevaylet's wall:

Hey you are good. Can I get your *****?

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Cubbubear posted on bluevaylet's wall:

Hello. Would love to have a good conversation with YOU.

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Filipina dating,  National Capital Region
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Oh why do I always do this... buy a coffee, take a few luscious sips, and then forget about it until it's cold Frown It's not any fun wasting, but what's the best way to heat up coffee without losing its original taste?

Filipina dating,  National Capital Region
bluevaylet posted:

Just in my humble opinion: To live a good life isn't just always about having all of the best and expensive things that you can get ok... A good life is to be able to live it to the things that you love and enjoy on doing :)