THE BEST Guide to Filipina Women

THE BEST Guide to Filipina Women

The Philippines is the most amazing country I’ve ever visited, with a few of the world’s best beaches, mountains, volcanoes, this country has everything. Including Filipina women.

The very best part about any of it, if you would like to visit and explore, you’ll easily find a Filipina chick who's more than pleased to demonstrate around. These ladies are a few of the sweetest, most nurturing ladies you will ever meet.

They like to take care of you, look after you and generally put your well-being above theirs-even when you don’t want these too. I remained with a Filipina air hostess for two weeks; she'd get back from being on her behalf feet all day long, working with passengers; and the next she strolls through the entranceway is requesting if she can get me anything, what I'd like her to make for me personally, etc.

Meanwhile, I could see she actually is exhausted and needs to the layout. She’s the only lady I’ve spent more than 2 times with, a day per day, rather than got sick and tired of or argued with at any point. An undeniable fact that still amazes me even today. Even the most nice and submissive of women I'll normally get fed up with being around and need space from. I had been comfortable being around her none stop for a long period.

Oh, she offered for me personally to remain with her the very first time we ever met-I didn’t take her up then, but I did so a couple of days later. That is just one exemplary case of how kind Filipina women are.

Another is your day I found its way to Manila for the very first time. I really was desperate for wifi anywhere to get might work done. I asked a woman I’d matched up with on Tinder where I possibly could find good wifi and she asked me to her house-she experienced good wifi and her parents were away-sweet.

She ordered a cab for me personally, to choose me up from where I used to be, and took me over the city, to her door. She got just got from the shower and was putting on a towel…

It took about 2 minutes for me personally to be officially ‘welcomed’ to the Philippines.

I did have the ability to get might work done a little down the road, while she went and got food for me personally. An extremely accommodating introduction alive in the Philippines.

So, normally Filipina girls are extremely lovely, caring, and horny. It appears like a good place to go to me!


As I’ve mentioned already, Filipina ladies are usually very enjoyable and nice. They’re also a few of the hottest young ladies in Asia. Their look differs from most Asians such as Thai women and Japanese girls-they’re less ‘Asian’ looking generally. With some Spanish impact in their history, you get some good lighter-skinned, light locks girls.

They are usually sexually open up, it’s an extremely liberal culture (despite being Catholic), plus they love Westerners. It’s most likely the country I’ve been where just being Traditional western gives you an enormous lower leg up in the dating market.

Much like most countries, this issues less to the bigger society ladies who result from high family members. They’re more used to touring, being around Westerners, plus they already have a higher social status, that may not be increased by bagging a Traditional western boyfriend.

That doesn’t mean they won’t as if you, it just means internet dating the latest Filipina women could be more like an internet dating market somewhere else in the world - you'll need to be always a top-notch man to handbag a top-notch woman. If you wish to get an extremely hot Filipina young lady, you will still need to increase your looks, position, and game.

Where in fact the Philippines is way better than most Western countries is that the common girl will be a lot hotter. There’s an enormous percentage of women that are cute-not stunning-but adorable. Combine this using their extremely pleasant character and it creates for a great spot to meet some amazing young ladies.


The united states itself is split over 7,000+ islands (nobody has officially ever counted) and is incredibly beautiful. Manila is an enormous sprawling metropolis, and then only a short while outside you enter a beautiful character and an extremely undeveloped, un-westernized life-style.

This is ideal for a visit or any occasion but can be impractical if you are an electronic nomad and desire to be online. I spent 4 hours wanting to send one ***** on the island of Boracay-the wifi just didn’t work anywhere, which is one of the very most popular visitor islands. The kicker? It had been my God damn birthday!

Altogether the country is a lot less developed than a few of its neighbors like Thailand or Malaysia, and that means you need to factor that into any programs you have to go to.

However, Makati-the financial district of Manila-is the cleanest, nicest city I've ever gone to. It completely places western towns to pity. It’s nearly a genuine Filipino experience, and it isn’t the super low priced price of living as all of that other country, but if you’re residing in Manila I would suggest residing in that area.

It’s where in fact the hottest young ladies are, the best restaurants and a lot of huge malls-great for day game.


Filipina girls are extremely open to conference Westerners and you may meet them through all the most common channels.

Tinder - If you’re beautiful, you will match with 98% of girls that come through to your Tinder. Many of these ladies will appear like they’re timid and conservative, however the second you’re only they’re very horny.

They’re super easy to get from times, not flakey, and getting laid is super easy. Keep in mind this isn't their first time at the rodeo. They'll probably have been with a couple of Traditional western guys before. No problem for an informal thing, but don’t go dropping for a woman just because she actually is sweet for you.